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Ten reasons you need a financial adviser

Ever wondered 'what can the best financial advice do for me'? If you haven’t, here are ten great reasons to have the best financial adviser in your corner to help you plan, grow and protect your wealth.

1. Clients of financial advisers are financially better off!

According to a 2011 study undertaken by KPMG Econtech, an average 30 year old would save an additional $91,000 by retirement age if they followed advice from a licensed financial adviser. And that's just average. Imagine what our expert, supportive and customised advice could do for your financial future!

2. Would you love a more stress free life?

According to a 2014 study by the Australian Psychological society, personal financial stress is still by far the most dominant cause of personal anxiety across every age group. However, according to this study, at least three in five Australians reported that strategies related to goal setting, planning and rewarding success had helped them reduce stress and maintain a healthy lifestyle over the past twelve months. So imagine how much your stress would reduce if you made the step toward getting your own personal financial plan on track!

3. Your financial adviser can be the voice of reason in difficult times.

It is human to sometimes make emotional decisions in times of crisis which can affect your wealth creation in a negative way. Your financial adviser is there to support you with the most considered, informed and pragmatic advice during times of upheaval, either personal or financial, (such as the GFC) to ensure you stay on the right path toward your goals.

4. Your financial adviser is trained to look at the world differently.

Unlike some professions who tend to focus solely on their own areas of expertise, a financial adviser is trained to look deeply and broadly at things that can impact on a client's financial total wellbeing. For example, a thorough investigation of a client's financial position can reveal taxation or estate planning issues that need to be resolved by an accountant or solicitor. A skilled adviser can refer you to the best person to have these issues addressed to ensure your whole financial wellbeing is optimised.

5. Do you have the right personal insurances?

Australia is one of the most underinsured countries in the western world. Many people rely on insurance in their super fund or don't even think about it. According to a 2011 study undertaken by KPMG Econtech, clients who had financial advisers were four times more likely to have personal insurance cover, and these clients held on average $260,000 of life cover compared to $100,000 for non-advised clients. Your adviser is skilled in finding the best value cover for your individual needs to avert the financial consequences of future catastrophic events.

6. Your adviser will help keep you motivated if you lose focus.

Many people who embark on the wealth creation journey alone start out with great zeal and enthusiasm but many of them lose interest over time. A great financial adviser is invaluable in keeping you financially inspired by regularly reviewing your goals and outcomes with you personally.

7. Your financial adviser isn't just for you.

If you have a great relationship with your financial adviser backed up with great support and results, wouldn’t you want those nearest and dearest to you to have the same experience? A licensed financial adviser is always there to help those you care about achieving their financial hopes and dreams just as you have.

8. Plans change.

All financial plans have to adapt not only to your changing needs and goals, but to the ever changing world at large. A financial adviser who knows you intimately is the best resource to help you adapt your financial affairs to these changing circumstances and continually test the relevance of the plans you have on an ongoing basis.

9. We are uniquely qualified to devise the right strategy to meet your needs.

The relationship between a financial adviser and their client is a unique and personal one. Great financial advice involves having the best resources and knowledge of all areas pertaining to your financial future. Also your adviser knows you and your goals intimately and is there to keep you informed of any changes required to ultimately reach those goals.

10. Are your goals realistic?

Without the right plan, goals are just dreams that will often never be fulfilled. Are your aspirations realistic? What are the best ways to achieve them? Can you achieve your goals in the time available to you? Your licensed financial adviser is uniquely and specifically qualified to answer those questions and put plans in place to achieve and support those goals.

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