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How We Do What We Do

A common question for new clients to ask is 'where do we go from here'? To help you comprehend how we do what we do, a step by step depiction of how we support our valued clients is outlined below.

An integral part of helping you plan, grow and protect your wealth is to ensure that we utilise a thorough and disciplined approach to commence and continue to support your financial requirements. This ensures that the financial advice we provide you is as inclusive as possible of your needs, wants and goals and also is based upon as much factual information as possible.

1. Discovery

Prior to first meeting

  • Providing us with initial factual information. We provide you with an easy medium to do so via this link.
  • Providing you with a Financial Services Guide
  • Book a suitable appointment time for first meeting

At first meeting

  • Getting to know each other
  • Discuss needs, objectives and goals
  • Answer initial questions
  • Explanation of next steps and initial costing estimate

2. Research and Analysis

  • Analyse and assess current position
  • Analyse and assess current investments, lending and insurances
  • Correlate risk appetite to investment objectives
  • Review and analyse specialist requirements i.e. taxation, estate planning, aged care, social security etc.

3. Strategy Preparation

  • Test and compare potential strategies designed to fulfil objectives
  • Correlate strategy to needs and objectives
  • Select appropriate supporting products
  • Prepare referral to related specialist professional as required i.e. accountant or solicitor

4. Recommendation

  • Schedule meeting to present and explain documented advice to client
  • Explain Statement of Advice thoroughly and clearly to client
  • Ensure client has understanding of recommendation prior to proceeding
  • Provide relevant Product Disclosure Statements
  • Once agreed upon and understood, commence implementation of strategy.

5. Implementation

  • Complete Agreement to Proceed
  • Complete applications
  • Adviser and support staff to implement and monitor implementation of strategy, and that this is done in an accurate and timely manner.
  • Implement strategy.
  • Refer to specialist related professionals as required.

6. Ongoing Support

  • Complete ongoing service agreement
  • Ongoing research and vigilance regarding legislation, model investment portfolios, investment research and topical financial oversight.
  • Respond to client enquiries
  • Initiate regular personal review with client
  • Adjust investments, insurances and strategies as required and agreed with client
  • Provide fee disclosure statement
  • Initiate relevant client correspondence
  • Access at all times to skilled and experienced financial adviser
  • Access at all times to support staff attuned to your individual requirements
  • Assistance for referrals from family, friends and associates of clients to ensure they also receive the best of financial support.


To find out more about how we can help you, call 07 3831 7629 or email us today.


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